What is the 23rd IAF Asia Regional Conference all about?

The 23rd IAF Asia Conference 2023 will be held at Hotel Marigold, Ameerpet,Hyderabad, India from 30th November to 2nd December 2023

It is a fabulous opportunity for all the facilitators to experience and harness theprocess facilitation methods that help in Facilitating Connections to Navigate aChanging World.

IAF Asia Conference brings to you a confluence of highly experiencedfacilitators from across the world to share how group facilitative processes helpmake the “human connection.”

This is a non-residential conference; however, the delegates will get toparticipate, learn and experience camaraderie. Serendipity happens when twoor more people begin to discuss topics on a deeper and more personal level,engaging for impactful and enriching connections between them. A uniqueexperience for even the most seasoned facilitator!

The 23rd IAF Asia Conference provides an informal, vibrant environment thatenables learning, giving freedom and ownership of learning to the delegate. It is divided into two parts:

1. Pre-conference : Scheduled on 30th November from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.There are four sessions on Facilitative processes to help understandfacilitation better. Each delegate can attend 2 out of 4 sessions – one in themorning and one in the afternoon of the day.

2. Conference : Scheduled on 1st and 2nd December starts at 9:00 am on 1stDecember & ends at 4:30 pm on 2nd December. During the 2 days of theConference, 20 sessions will be held. There will be 5 concurrent sessions inthe morning and 5 concurrent sessions in the afternoon on both days. Everydelegate will get to attend a total of 4 sessions, one from each set of 5concurrent sessions.

Apart from the 20 sessions, delegates get to attend 4 large group plenarysessions as well over the 2 days of the conference.

Visit our website http://iaf-india.org/asia_conf-2023/index.html for details on the sessions.

Why should I attend the conference? What is in it for me?

  • Multiple ready-to-use Group Process Facilitation methods
  • Opportunity to learn facilitation processes from the best in the world
  • First-hand insights into the benefits of a facilitative approach
  • Opportunity to hone IAF Facilitation competencies
  • Deepen understanding of facilitation techniques by observing othersfacilitate
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded people
Networking with a diverse community of like-minded individuals makes ituniquely valuable, even for experienced facilitators.

Yes. You can benefit from attending the conference even if you do not fall intoany of the categories below:
  • Business Leaders/ Facilitators
  • HR and L & D Leaders & Professionals
  • Trainers
  • Consultants - HR/OD
  • People Managers
  • Educationists
  • Community Development Professionals
  • or are just interested in facilitation

What are the session timings / start time/end time etc?

The timings are mentioned on the webpage. Visit our website http://iaf-india.org/asia_conf-2023/index.html for details onthe sessions.


Please find the registration charges for the Conference in the table given below:
Packages Early Bird Regular
Member Non-Member Member Non-Member Corporate Individual Corporate Group (3 or more)
Conference ₹ 13,000 ₹ 17,500 ₹ 15,000 ₹ 21,000 ₹ 24,000 ₹ 22,000
Pre-Conference+ Conference ₹ 16,500 ₹ 23,000 ₹ 18,500 ₹ 26,500 ₹ 28,000 ₹ 25,500
Only Pre-Conference ₹ 5,000 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 5,000 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 7,000 ₹ 7,000 per person
Packages Early Bird Regular
Member Non-Member Member Non-Member Corporate Individual Corporate Group (3 or more)
Conference ₹ 14,245 ₹ 18,745 ₹ 16,245 ₹ 22,245 ₹ 25,245 ₹ 23,245
Pre-Conference+ Conference ₹ 17,745 ₹ 24,245 ₹ 19,745 ₹ 27,745 ₹ 29,245 ₹ 26,745
Only Pre-Conference ₹ 6,245 ₹ 8,245 ₹ 6,245 ₹ 8,245 ₹ 8,245 ₹ 8,245 per person

Note: All ticket prices are excluding GST and any other incidental cost.

You have 3 options:
1. Both the pre-conference and the conference – The best option
2. Only pre-conference on Nov 30, 2023
3. Only the conference on 1st & 2nd December 2023

The ideal would be to choose the first option to benefit from the conference.

  1. Wallet
  2. Card payment
  3. UPI Transfer
  4. Net Banking
  5. EMI on some bank cards (check with your bank)

You can write an email to registration@iaf-india.org mentioning the same andthe team will assist you to make the payment.

Kindly refer to the table above on the earlier page or on the website. Dependingon the option chosen, you make the payment.

No. The conference charges are not inclusive of all taxes. Taxes and any otherincidental charges are extra and will have to be paid along with the conferencecharges.

Yes. If you provided your GST number at the time of registration.

The Conference charges include lunch and tea /coffee twice per day, for allthree days.

No, the conference charges do not include the stay at a hotel. You will have tobook your own hotel. We have given some options for accommodation that areavailable on the conference website http://iaf-india.org/asia_conf-2023/index.html

Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements for stay.

Yes, you are eligible. We request you to write to the registration team and letthem know that you are a new member so that you do not have any problemregistering for the conference.

Not to worry, we will convert that seat to a Regular India ticket based on the availability of ticket options at the time you made your booking and do the necessary refund post conference as due to you after deductions

In this case, we suggest you renew your membership before the conference. Alternately, you could pay the difference between the regular non membercharges and the amount you have paid to attend the conference.

We do not have a refund policy. At the most, you can transfer it to anotherdelegate at the regular price. If that’s not possible, then please write to registrations@iaf-india.org

Please write to the registration team at: registrations@iaf-india.org with detailsof your payment, and we will revert.

The last day to register for the conference is 15th November 2023 or till seatslast.

We will not accept any payment at the conference venue.


Please click on following link - For http://iaf-india.org/asia_conf-2023/index.html

Unfortunately, if the bookings are closed, we may not be able to accommodate you. You could contact registrations@iaf-india.org to get help.

Depending on the category of ticket you wish to apply for, once you click on theRegistration link, it will show against each category the number of ticketsavailable. Alternatively, you can contact the Registration Team on: registrations@iaf-india.org

First please check if your membership is valid. If it is, then please write to registrations@iaf-india.org with your code number that was attempted or ascreenshot and your registered email ID details. We will get back to you in 72hours.

If all 3 of you are from the same company, you can register for all 3 of you bywriting to the registration team at registrations@iaf-india.org and availing of thecorporate discount.

General Questions

Please write to registrations@iaf-india.org with your code number that wasattempted and your registered email ID details. We will get back to you in 72hours.

We are glad to hear about your interest. You can go ahead and register for apre-conference seat if it is still available.

Your IDs may be shared only with facilitators who may wish to share some pre-work or material for the session. There will be no further sharing of your ID orcontact details.

Selection of Sessions

How do I choose the sessions to attend?
The choice of sessions will open approximately one month before theconference. You will receive a mail and ways to choose. Topics are there on thewebpage along with facilitator names.

Social Media

Yes, you may post on your personal walls on different platforms to create morevisibility but do not forget to tag IAF in all your posts.

Venue & City Details

The Asia Regional Conference is being hosted at the Marigold Hotel, inHyderabad, Telangana, India - 500016.

Languages Spoken:
Telugu, Urdu/ Hindi and English

Weather like in Hyderabad:
Summers usually start from March extend till June and are hot and humid. Thetemperature rises till about 40 °C. Winters though are pleasant and start fromDecember extending till January. The temperatures go as low as 10 °C.According to https://www.accuweather.com, Hyderabad temperature isexpected to be a maximum of 29-30° centigrade and the minimumtemperature is expected to be between 18-19 ° Centigrade.

We recommend you carry a light jacket in case the evenings get pleasant.

Hyderabad, known as the ‘City of Pearls’, is a beautiful example of old-worldcharm and modern sophistication. Being a prominent IT hub and touristdestination, reaching Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is not an issue. Thishistoric city enjoys excellent connectivity with the rest of country via air, roadand rail. The Hyderabad Airport, also known as Rajiv Gandhi InternationalAirport and Hyderabad International Airport, is just 30 km away from the citycentre. Besides, the city is served by three major railway junctions calledHyderabad Railway Station (3 km away), Secunderabad Railway Station (7 kmaway) and Kachiguda Railway Station (2 km away). Those travelling by busfrom neighbouring cities and towns can avail the bus services of AndhraPradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC). The city also has Metrosconnecting several parts of the city. The nearest metro to the Conference hotelvenue is Ameerpet – Blue line. It is a central station metro.

Reach Hyderabad by air:
Hyderabad Airport, widely known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport andHyderabad International Airport, links this old city with all major Indian andinternational destinations. It is also one of the busiest airports in the countryand major airlines like Jet Airways, Air India, IndiGo and SpiceJet operate to andfro flights from New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Agartala, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Lucknow, to list a few. Those travelling to foreign destinations likeKuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Dubai can take the flights operated by Air Asia,Cathay Pacific and Emirates. The airport is located around 30 km away fromthe city centre and travellers can easily avail of auto and taxi services fromoutside the airport.

By road:
Hyderabad is well connected with cities like Bangalore (570 km), Mumbai(705), Aurangabad (562 km), Chennai (627 km), Hampi(377 km) and Tirupati(555 km) via good road network. The Andhra Pradesh State Road TransportCorporation (APSRTC) very well manages the bus terminal here. Travellers canchoose from Volvo, sleeper and deluxe buses, which are operated by both stateand private operators. Moreover, those who wish to drive to the famous UNESCOWorld Heritage Site of Hampi from Hyderabad can take the NH 7 route, whichtakes about 8 hours.

By train:
Hyderabad has three main railway stations, namely Hyderabad Railway Station,Secunderabad Railway Station and Kachiguda Railway Station. These railheadsconnect the city with prime destinations in India such as Delhi, Mumbai,Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. Some of the popular trains running on adaily basis from Hyderabad to other cities include Hyderabad Express, ShatabdiExpress, Charminar Express, Konark Express and Andhra Pradesh Express. Taxisor cabs are easily available from outside the railway station.

There are many tour operators. For your support the conference team has tiedup with Riya Holidays for some special rates. Details are on the webpage. You could contact Riya Holidays, Mr. Srinivasa Reddy M, +91 91549 84986 or on+91 94400 48878. All discussions and deals to be worked out between theservice provider and the delegate directly. All costs will be borne by thedelegates undertaking the service on a personal basis. The IAF Conferenceteam will not be held liable for any untoward incidents.


Kindly decide ahead of time (before mid -October) to avoid inconvenience ofhotel non-availability due to a delayed decision. You can also reach out to BasilKumar- Green Park Hotel on : basil@hotelgreenpark.com or Hotel Marigold,Ameerpet, Hyderabad directly.

While you book your accommodation at any hotel, they will usually have anairport pick & drop. You can inform the hotel you wish to avail the same.Alternatively, you can contact the Travel Agency, Riya Tours. Details mentionedon our webpage.