23rd IAF Asia Conference

30th November to 2nd December 2023

Session selection opens on 29th Oct 2023.


Esteemed Delegates,

Welcome to the 23rd IAF Asia Conference! Our pleasure knows no bounds as we invite you to immerse yourself in an exhilarating event centered around "Facilitating Connections to Navigate a Changing World."

Anticipate a riveting lineup of facilitators, sessions that provoke thoughts, and workshops that beckon interaction. Our mission is to create a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas, fostering exploration in the ever-evolving landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned facilitator or new to facilitation, rest assured, this conference promises a treasure trove of enriching experiences. Beyond the exploratory sessions, it's a canvas for forging connections and nurturing valuable relationships.

Thank you for contributing your essence to the 23rd IAF Asia Conference. Brace yourselves for a remarkable journey where knowledge, experiences, and inspiration come together.

Warmest Regards,
Organizing Team, 23rd IAF Asia Conference

Conference Team


This year’s IAF Asia conference has multitude of learning sessions starting with a pre-conference for one day and 2 days of conference sessions with subject matter experts from across the globe.
The pre-conference has sessions run by experienced facilitators and they are half day sessions. The conference sessions can be facilitated by new or seasoned facilitators and the sessions are generally of 90 -120 mins and not longer.

Conference Theme: Facilitating Connections to Navigate A Changing World
The world is changing rapidly in terms of technology, the way people connect, different types of work, the influx of AI, the Hybrid model and much more. To match the pace and navigate through this fast-changing world, we need to facilitate connections and focus on the human aspect to empower others and ourselves to maintain sanity and evolve.

The logo symbolises the following:

  • The Dots depict the dynamic Milky Way i.e., our changing world, orange colour depicts Asian region.
  • The Spirals placed in the centre with different colours represent - Facilitating people connections as it is the core of everything happening in the world at present and future.
  • Coloured Circles in between depict the different kinds of scenarios people are in and how Facilitation can help. The bright colours represent how as facilitators we get inspired through ideas of creativity, our loyalty, our pride, our confidence, and our reliability in all we do.


The 23rd IAF Asia Conference offers a unique platform, with a basket of 24 concurrent sessions, an opportunity for the delegates to engage and learn with more than 150 participants from across the globe and experience process facilitation methods that help create synergy by engaging ‘Minds and Hearts’.

It’s one of the most go-to learning event, inspired to spread the power of facilitation in unprecedented ways. During these three days (including 1 pre-conference day) you will craft your own learning journey by selecting the sessions and experiencing the ‘Power of Facilitation’ through them. These sessions are synced with the chosen theme and bring out an aspect of novelty, co-creation, and power of group wisdom.


  • Multiple ready-to-use Group Process Facilitation methods
  • Opportunity to learn facilitation processes from the best in the world.
  • First-hand insights into the benefits of a facilitative approach.
  • Opportunity to hone IAF Facilitation competencies.
  • Deepen understanding of facilitation techniques by observing others facilitate.
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Networking with a diverse community of like-minded individuals makes it uniquely valuable, even for experienced facilitators.


Engage, Learn, Connect: Explore the diverse sessions below to customize your learning journey and make the most out of this enriching event.

Session Details


TRACK CODE Timing Session Title Name of Facilitator & Co-Facilitator
PM1 9.30 AM - 1.00 PM Accessing Transformative Power of Body Intelligence Through "Dance on Paper" Method Puri Lestari & N/A
PM2 NormALL: Neuro-inclusive Facilitation Anita Bandyopadhyay, EF & Anupoma Bandyopadhyay
PM3 "What's Your GPS?" (Navigating the changing world) Narasimhan V, EF & Sushma Banthia
None None of the above
PA1 2.00 PM - 17.30 PM Unleashing APPLIED IMPROV to build synergy amongst groups in today's hybrid environment Ajit Kamath, CPF/Master &N/A
PA2 Turn a Board Game into a Business Simulation Game to Introduce Complex Topics James Bishop, CPF & Jimbo Clark
PA3 Flow Game - A Magical Dialogue (To navigate challenges, embrace serendipity, unleash creativity) Shalaka Gundi, CPF & Senthil Kumar
None None of the above

Note: Session selection will open on 29th Oct 2023


1st DECEMBER 2023

TRACK CODE Timing Session Title Name of Facilitator & Co-Facilitator
CM1 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM Generative AI as your facilitative co-pilot Subramanian (Subbu) Kalpathi & Mrunal Lamge, CPF
CM2 The Mobius Strip of Facilitative Leadership Pankaj Bhargava & Shruti Ambegaoker
CM3 The IDAD Framework - Design effective sessions easily Sanjay Dugar, CPF & Roopshree Surana
CM4 Productive Meetings - Possible or Next to Impossible Raghavender Yadgirkar & Savitha Yadgirkar
CM5 Trikona Samvaad - discovering the “whole of oneself” – facilitating internal connection to navigate the changing external world Rohit Shenoy & Rajeev Natarajan
None None of the above
CA1 2.00 PM - 16.00 PM Because History Repeats Itself...what Facilitators can learn from some of the world's oldest civilizations. Keith Ryall, CPF/Master & N/A
CA2 Navigating the Great Divide Arvind Murwaha & Preeti Agarwal
CA3 Creating Moments of Magic – From Transactional to Relational Dr. Pradeep B. Salgaonkar & Dr. Seema P. Salgaonkar
CA4 Knowing Me - Knowing You - Deepening the human-to-human connection! Kavitha Talreja & Rahul Baswani
CA5 Designing for Belonging: a facilitator's mindset Shamir Joseph & Shaleel Nalakath
None None of the above
6:00 pm to 6:45 pm - Asia Members Meet
7:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Cultural Open Space with Gala Dinner (Optional)

2nd DECEMBER 2023

CM6 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM Building a Resilience mindset to navigate through BANI times Padmakumar Ananthakrishnan & N/A
CM7 Connect, Engage, Transform: ‘Steering’ through the ‘dilemma of change’  using the  ‘Satir Change Model’ Archana Pingle, CPF & Michelle Pinto
CM8 Facilitating a Community- Utopia !! Bharti Maru & Vinay Kumar, CPF/Master
CM9 Me & We: In the Digital Age Brunda Manurkar & Manoranjita Sahoo
CM10 Reconstructing your Labyrinth! Yateen Gharat, CPF & Megha Chodankar
None None of the above
CA6 1.00 PM - 3.00 PM Leading in a Constantly Changing World - Reinventing Mind-sets Hardy Alexander & Ketki Anand
CA7 Changing gears... (from Manipulation to Contrivance) Nidhi S. & Ganesh Dalvi, CPF
CA8 Meeting my people Natesh Selvaraj & Vinod Ravindran
CA9 Hostage to Ally - Harnessing 'Growth-Power' from Messy Conflicts Manisha Grover & Monika Kaushik
CA10 A Magic Potion for Modern-Day Leadership Kavi Arasu & Stephen Berkeley
None None of the above

Note: Session selection will open on 29th Oct 2023

Some of our Plenary Facilitators are:

Plenary Facilitator Co - Facilitator
Plenary ! David Nevin Shubha Rajan
Plenary - Mid day Lawrence Philbrook Parineeta Mehra, C V Ramana, Prakash Rai
Plenary 3 Tom Schwarz Vinisha Jayaswal, Murali Venkateswaran, Vidya G V
Plenary 4 Hideyuke Varsha Chitnis, Ryan Baretto
Plenary 5 Shyam Iyer & Kala Diwanji Ramesh Srinivasan

    Steps: For Member registration

  • 1. Our Conference tickets for Individual India bookings are sold out. But , do express your interest by filling in your details in the link above. 👆🏻 If any tickets become available, we shall revert to you on first come first serve basis.
  • 2. Corporate Bookings are still open. Please mail us on email id registration@iaf-india.org

    Steps: For registration

  • 1. Register the details on the above link
  • 2. Conference team will share payment details on the registered email-id
  • 3. Payment to be made on the link shared as per the ticket chosen.
  • 4. Upon payment completed, registration Confirmed


  • Business leaders Facilitators
  • HR and L & D Leaders & Professionals
  • Trainers
  • Consultants - HR/OD
  • People Managers
  • Educationists
  • Community Development Professionals


Marigold Hotel

7-1-25, Ameerpet Rd, Leelanagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016.


Get Direction

Remember this is a non-residential conference so book your hotels NOW as December is a busy month for hotels.
To support you we have blocked a few rooms at Marigold (Conference Hotel), Hotel Green Park (which is right adjacent to Marigold), Mercure – Accor Hotels and also tied up with a travel agent for Special rates for our delegates. Reach out to them directly. Details are in the attachments.

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