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Discovering Personalities

May 11 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lets dive deep into DISC MODEL Increasing Self-Awareness DiSC profiles can help you understand your own behavioral priorities.

The rich narrative of all the Everything DiSC assessments is a powerful tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your behavioral priorities.

It gives insights into the strengths and challenges of each style and can pave the way for sustained self-improvement Understanding Others We work with and meet numerous people every day.

Sometimes we understand their behavior and at times are shocked by it!

Knowing the behavioral style of people around us can bridge gaps in our understanding and result in true empathy. Identifying Others’ Styles Understanding the DiSC model not only enhances self-awareness but also enables people to recognize the behavioral styles of other people. This understanding is the basis for developing effective workplace relationships.

Behavioral Flexibility The final and most critical outcome of DiSC-based training is behavioral flexibility. Self-awareness and understanding of others are not adequate, what leads to effectiveness is being able to flex your behavior based on the priorities of other people. This is the key message of any DiSC-based intervention. Our Finger Pattern Analysis is highly accurate to identify your personality type . Let’s Learn from a experienced psychologist who has 15 years experience on DISC PROFILING.



May 11
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


IAF India – Delhi Hub