Know About IAF INDIA

IAF India is a vibrant community of facilitators from various backgrounds, united by a common passion for facilitation. With a strong presence in six hubs across the country, IAF India has been actively promoting facilitation across the country through various initiatives and events .


IAF India was formed in 2009 by group of only 5 people which now stands to 200 plus members from more than 10 cities of India


Since then, IAF India has grown and evolved into a dynamic community, connecting facilitators from diverse walks of life. This association has been instrumental in bringing facilitation practices and methodologies to corporates and is parallely expanding its reach to social and other sectors as well.


Through its various initiatives, IAF India aims to empower facilitators, enhance their skills, and promote the use of facilitation processes and spread the power of facilitation . This vibrant community continues to make significant strides in the field of facilitation in India.


Message from India Chair

Welcome to this remarkable community of facilitators!
As we embark on this new chapter in 2024, I am energized by the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead for our community. With fresh responsibilities, I am committed to accelerate our initiatives, enhance visibility and establish robust processes to amplify our reach and impact.
Our goal is clear: to enable, empower and elevate the impact of facilitation across India.
We are proud to be one of the largest IAF communities, boasting 200+ members strong. Our diversity in cultures and regions within India makes us a unique space, ready for bespoke initiatives that cater to our dynamic landscape.
As we forge ahead, curating meaningful and relevant programs through facilitation and collaborating closely with our members for sustainable impact will take priority. Guiding diverse groups towards shared goals, fostering open communication and harnessing the power of diverse perspectives shall pave our way ahead on this path.
I invite you to join hands with us as we explore the potential benefits of facilitation for ourselves, our organizations, communities, and clients.

Together, let's spread the power of facilitation.


When you become a member of the International Association of Facilitators, you are not buying a service, but rather joining a global community.
(Martin G., IAF member, Manchester, UK)

Upcoming Events

Read below to know more about our upcoming events in India as well as International.

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IAF India – Chennai Hub invited you to this session by Bhanu Cousik and Shuba Rajan.

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The facilitated session spans four hours and is structured to cultivate a high-performance culture within teams.

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IAF India- Mumbai Hub is inviting you to yet another exciting TWIN WIN session.


One of the areas where facilitation has created an impact towards results and relationships, is the CORPORATE world. We have focused across the corporate spectrum in the past, and continue to do so. Some of the work we have done in the past year include


As we move forward in alignment with our global credo of promoting the power of facilitation everywhere, we have partnered with various COMMUNITIES to help them achieve their results and amplify their productivity using facilitation processes and techniques. Some of our areas that we are proud about include


We aim to bring facilitation to all walks of society. In our endeavours, we partner with various INSTITUTIONS like Education, Rotary, etc. to bring about a change. Some of our work include


The Facilitation Impact Awards (FIA) honours organisations that have used facilitation to achieve a measurable and positive impact as well as the facilitator(s) who worked with them. We are proud to share India’s Top Facilitation Talent who won these global awards this past year.

Our Global Presence

We are a global body and are present in 7 Regions as shown below, of which India Chapter comes under Asia Region. Click here to know more about our global presence, as well as for our hubs across India.

Our Global Presence

We are a global body and are present in 7 chapters, of which India is one. Click here to know more about our global presence, as well as for our hubs across India.

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What Our Members Say

The proof of the pudding is always given by the one who ate it! Some members speak of the value they receive by being IAF members


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